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  • Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize
    • Introducing the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE.   A $10 million competition to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand.
    • It's interesting to note that the Medical Tricorder in Star Trek, was still operated by Medical Personnel, so the goal the contest wishes to achieve, "any individual can operate it", is quite ambitious. I wonder what the medico-legal aspects are? Since more than primary diagnosis seems to be implied -> referral to appropriate treatment. House M.D. in a box. Does it play "Teardrop" when you boot it up?
    • A look into one of the entries - Virtual Scanning - an excerpt from EDN, from an engineer's viewpoint.
    • So, I don't think these guys are in the contest but... - An excerpt from DesignNews - No matter what, these companies mentioned by Elizabeth Montalbano, deserves special mention. They don't need no stinkin awards (just kidding). Links for the companies are mentioned below.
    • Smartphones and the Tricorder - an excerpt from The Economist -   sounds like a great concept, who'd have thunk it?   The only thing is, that the article towards the end, seems to emphasize physician's resistance to this technology, whether it is due to medicolegal or financial reasons.   So what happens when the liability is transferred to these manufacturers/developers?   Can the FDA regulations catch up with the technology?   Better lawyer up!
      I can see it now.   Patient to Dr. House:   "My smartphone-tricorder and I demand that you treat me for lupus!"   Dr. House to patient:   "I suggest you go see Dr. Bones."



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